The process

Inspired by children & Nature

All product ideas come from our surroundings and are based on the philosophy to satisfy children’s needs and satiate and support their different development stages, in a safe and natural way.

It is no secret that our two kids are a significant source of inspiration to us and by observing them, their needs and development, the inspiration to new designs or improvements to existing designs, quickly arises.

Ideas to new designs are hand drawn and sent to our experienced development and sculpting team.

Sculpting – artisanal work!

Our skilled sculptors are true artisans! They bring design drawings beautifully to life in rich details by sculpting the first prototypes by hand in clay.  Close collaboration and communication are crucial throughout the sculpting process. The sculptor can incorporate minor changes to the clay model within a timeframe of a couple of days.

When the clay model is accepted, it is dried and used for making first a sample mould and later on for making production moulds.


The latex is manually poured into the production moulds and is set to dry for up to 5 days, depending on design. After drying the moulds are gently separated, and a new natural rubber toy has come to life.


After leaving the moulds, the toys are inspected one by one and washed. Surplus natural rubber and uneven surfaces are trimmed by hand and afterward polished thoroughly to attain the silky smooth, soft and superior finish.


All Natruba toys are handpainted with food grade dyes or natural pigments.

Making all of our toys perfectly safe for all little ones to chew and soothe on.

In fact; every little detail is carefully painted by hand, making every piece unique. Therefore minor variations in colors and/or patterns may occur.

Quality control & testing

We are proud to say that all  our products are safe to use from 0 months.

All our products are tested independently by well-known laboratories and go through several quality checks and tests to ensure that they are free from harmful chemicals and ensure they are completely safe & non-toxic for children to chew on and play with.

This means our products are PVC, BPA, Phthalates, and Nitrosamines free and that they meet all requirements in relevant international safety standards. 

Handmade & unique

Hand sketched, hand sculpted, hand cast & hand painted – a lot of hands and love have gone into making our products. And we hope that soon a couple of small hands will love our designs as much as we do.

Like every child, every single one of our products is unique in its own way, that’s natural.


Be forever playful, it’s natural.