Environmental considerations

At Natruba, environmental considerations and a strive for sustainability is a core aspect of our business.  


We want to help taking care of the world's forests, and this is the reason we strive to use FSC®-certified paper and cardboard materials as much as possible. 

We have an aim of 100% FSC®-certified paper products used in all our operations. 

Right now, our product boxes, the shredded paper filler, and the accompanying booklet are FSC®-certified  

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international non-profit organization that is working for sustainable use of the world's forests. FSC is the world's most recognized global mark for sustainable paper and wood and ensures both environmental and social conditions in the forests. 

By choosing FSC-certified products, together we take care of the worlds forests and the people and wildlife who depend on them   

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Natruba's FSC® Trademark Licensing code is: (FSC®-N002938)